Sandcasting is an enjoyable art technique with few rules except that concrete can not be poured up above the horizontal; plus, the positive casting is a mirror image of the negative mould that one carves. The secret to sandcasting is that wet sand sticks together and therefore holds its shape while sculpting and the subsequent casting process. My concrete castings can be hung indoors or outdoors. The casting medium is a specially formulated cement with a lightweight aggregate. All the relief castings are one-of-a-kind because the removal process destroys the sculpted sand mould. Dividing the whole casting sculpture into puzzle parts makes it possible to cast any size in my studio. Sand is permanently embedded on the surface of each piece, which gives the sculptures a pleasing earth tone finish when cast in tan sand; mellow white from the many white sands. One can add color pigments to the wet cement during the casting process.

All castings can be ordered in any size with a choice of either tan, white white, or creamy white sand for the sand mould. The sand color determines the subtle color of the finished concrete relief sculpture surfaces.


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